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The knowledge of egyptian civilization shows more some important gaps, particularly serious with regard to prehistoric and predynastic period. There are besides numerous and intriguing mysterys, that seem of difficult solution without in-dedth interdisciplinary researchs.

We would  now:


which was the origin of the egyptian civilization?


when really beganiniziò the dynastic period, in the fourth o in the beginning of the third millennium BC?


who built the pyramids of Giza and when was carved the Sphinx?


why was need to build monuments of dimension so impressive?


how was possible to building these artificial "mountains" by the equipment  a disposizione by the egyptian people, just come from Neolithic?

The Author of this important essay Trys to answer to these and many other questions, looking witout prejudices into different scientific fields.

Passionated of history of civilizations and accanito reader of books about Ancient Egypt, the Author has obtained the results of his lengthy studies making some significant scientific discovery, concerning intristing aspects of egyptian civilization.

Fixed so some absolute datings of age of pharaons, the author proposes a revision of cronology of first eighteen dynasties and a full revaluation of work of egyptian historian Manetho.

Who shall have the perseverance to arrive at the end of the book, shall can discover the pobable solution of some  more intriguing misteries and finally be able to see the world of pharaons with a new and charming optician.

Antonio Crasto was born at Mogoro (OR) in Sardinia.

After have get the degree in Phisyc and the specialization in Phisic of the Atmosphere, he has worked as Meteorologist Official of Italian Air Force.

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