La sacra terra della dea



Antonio Crasto is going yearly to Egypt in order to disclose the ancient wonders.

As Egyptologist and scholar of astronomy and photography, he has, with some friends, the ambitious plan of photograph the principal Egyptian temples.

Within this activity, he fell in love with the Dendera beautiful temple and, therefore, has directed its studies to the disclose of its “secrets”.

The lecture of many books published by famous Egyptologists like: Mariette, Chassinat, Cauville, etc. has cleared many sides of Egyptian religion and philosophy, but many details are still mysterious.

It was born so the idea of this second book about Dendera, not only a photo collection, but above all an attempt of explain many things about the esoteric mysteries.

His researches have concerned: the cosmogony and the Egyptian astronomy, the particular syncretism of the goddess Hathor and Isis, the Zodiacs, the bright Two, the Phoenix, the Osiris Mysteries and same related myths.

He has besides reconsidered the long chronology of Maneto / Crasto, suggesting a modification at the dating of same kingdoms of the eighteenth dynasty.

In confirmation of the accuracy of the long chronology the autor present, finally, a his study about stellar targets of the shafts of the two higher chambers of Khufu pyramid.

It isn’t sure that the autor have achieved the solution of various mysteries, but it is convinced that Crasto, as modern god Upuaut, has opened the road of them knowledge.

 Antonio Crasto was born in Sardinia in Mogoro city.

As physicist and researcher in Physic of the Atmosphere, he works as geophysical and meteorologist official of the Italian Air Force.                                                                                 ISBN 978-88-95433-01-1


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